Disney released its new live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” this weekend with disastrous results. Fans just couldn’t see past the film’s new woke agenda, casting a black girl in a role that wasn’t written for her just to appease the masses.

In the original, the young Ariel was played by a caucasian cartoon character with red hair. How that translates to Halle Bailey is beyond us. We contacted the maritime museum in Norway where mermaids come from, and we were told in no uncertain terms that Vikings barely ever saw black folks, so they probably wouldn’t have imagined mermaids that way.

Walt Disney himself was opposed to the woke agenda, as well as Jewish people. But that’s not important right now. What is important is that he’d roll over in his grave if he knew what was going on. And that’s just a fact.

The new movie doesn’t open until May of next year, so we’re not really sure how it lost the money, but it did. Just for existing at all, basically. People didn’t just not see it, they burned a bunch of old Disney stu\ff as well, costing the company untold free advertising money.

The customer is always right, Disney. Maybe take a hint from the people over at the Daily Caller that managed to get Gina Carando a job.

LOL liberals. God bless America.


  1. William

    I started writing Disney off a few years ago. The signs were there what was coming. And now they get mixed up in the politics of Florida and the exposure of young children to the filth from the left side of the ditch? Hell with that!

    • Will Willardson

      It’s interesting. To me, it seems almost insulting toward black actors and actresses when a production company feels it has to resort to recasting a long established character in a long established series of films (at least two sequels) and television shows (various shows on Disney) to try and convince people how open-minded and inclusive they are. Really? They couldn’t come up with any original content or material for a black actor/actress? I know it’s much easier to use a storyline that already exists, instead of coming up with a story that’s fresh and original. But does that mean that we should applaud and condone Disney for taking a pathway that was easier and less painful? I don’t think so.

  2. Willy

    This is great. I fully support this.

    I can’t wait for Disney to remake black panther into a white character and Mulan into a black man that identifies as an Asian female.

  3. Dirk Furugusun

    I just don’t comprehend why, if a white person plays a role that was originally written for a black person, all the woke mob screams “cowardly” and “appropriation”, but if a black person plays a role originally written for a white person, that is “so brave” and “inclusive”.

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