In a statement recalling a similar remark made back in the good old days of 2003 by Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, pop-country’s most outspoken modern day diva doesn’t seem to have a problem “throwing some shade” on millions of supporters of ousted President Donald Trump.

“Is he the wobbly man who comes to see me every year and calls me ‘Darren'”?

Grammy-nominated platinum-selling artist Taylor Swift is following in some heavy footsteps.  Her predecessors, now using the sobriquet “The Chicks” were protesting former President Bush’s military actions in Iraq when they blamed the Lone Star State for his, and their, shared births.

Swift, a native of Sandy Batt, Pennsylvania, made the remark as part of a statement to her legions of fans regarding the losing fake billionaire’s desperate attempts to steal the election after the fact, and the cockwits who fall for his every lump of bullshit.

“They’re like, still doing it right now,” Swift’s video message viewed by nearly two million people starts out. “I mean I’m embarrassed to be breathing the same air as these mutants.  Right?  They have to be the dumbest humans on the planet.  First it was like, sharpies or something, and then an evil computer thing like on that TV show “Next.”

What was after that?  Oh yeah.  Suitcases and the drunk lady.  And now they think that giant ass doucheblob is still going to win in January.  You know, this is why as soon as I started making millions, I started buying old people’s houses and evicting them.  Ell oh ell!”

“Are those the letters on the stormtrooper’s backs in Star Trek?”

Swift has long been an outspoken critic of the former President, with her hit single “Big Fat Failure Boy” dedicated to his numerous misdeeds, lack of basic intelligence, and purely deranged behavior.

Apparently, she’s unafraid to make a few million members of whatever race the “Hills Have Eyes” people were her next targets.

Her forthcoming album entitled: “How Y’all Like Them Biden Apples?” Is scheduled for release on inauguration day 2021.


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