People are fed up with Taylor Swift being shoved  down America’s throat. Between her, her boyfriend Travis Kelce and all of the liberal indoctrination they push, Americans have had it. But one man is letting his feelings known loudly: Kid Rock.

Kid Rock, the amazingly talented singer and songwriter is joining others like Ted Nugent, Jason Aldean and Oliver Anthony in the pushback that Taylor Swift really needs.  They’re tired of hearing about her. It just needs to end and end now.

Kid Rock has never been one to shy away from telling his truths or letting his feelings and beliefs known.  This time is no different.  He’s screaming loudly, F TAYLOR SWIFT!!!

His publicist is on board with Rock’s sentiment. Kid Rock wants to Bud Light Taylor Swift. And when he says that, he wants to guzzle her down after pretending he’s offended, says Joe Barron, Kid Rock’s closest associate.

Kid Rock is tired of trolling the trailer parks for 400 pounders with 3 teeth who smell like a pile of dog shit on a hot Alabama summer day. He wants that Swift action, and he’s not getting it. He knows where his bread is buttered though, the catalytic converters on unsuspecting Americans’ cars

“I’m better than Travis Kelce” exclaims Rock, except he doesn’t have the talent, good sense, education, or common decency that Kelce has. Kid Rock also looks like a meth victim after a 15 year bender   There is no evidence that he’s not.

One day all of this Taylor Swift insanity will calm down, but that day isn’t today and the next two years don’t look good either. Kid Rock will just have to be happy with the carny circuit trading cds for bjs from the unwashed southern gals   God bless Kid Rock and God Bless America!!!!


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