The Epstein drama keeps chugging along, and taking many celebrities down with it.  Politics. Hollywood. And music. And right now the hottest music star is running scared of the newest revelations coming out of the recently released Epstein files. Nobody is immune from what’s coming. Not even Taylor Swift.

That’s right. The Taylor Swift. Pop music phenomenon Taylor Swift.   Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift. And now, Jeffrey Epstein associate, Taylor Swift. She is no longer Redacted number 107. The next Epstein file dump is going to name her and spell out her association with Epstein.

While Taylor Swift’s mindless liberal cult fan base is brushing this off, many are not. There’s even pictures of Swift with the disgraced Epstein. But the damage is being done.  She’s about to lose millions of dollars.

Her record company, the management company and even Travis Kelce himself are starting to distance themselves from the pop phenomenon. Swift’s management team lead Joseph Barron said “Swift is now damaged goods, this may be the end of her career”.

This could make the Swift empire crumble, and crumble it should. Yes, her, it’s her, she’s the problem it’s her. She can’t just Shake It Off . It’s going to be a cruel winter for her, her love story with Kelce ending, she’ll be nothing but a Blank Space.

She should have known that Epstein was Nothing But Trouble. But now, there is Bad Blood brewing between her and the powers that be. I bet she wishes she could go Back To December before it all came out

But Taylor, Ms Swift, your high flying days are over with these new revelations. And We Are Never Getting Back Together. God bless America.


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