Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce just won’t stop. A week before the big game, they made a stop to visit with Joe Biden in Washington DC. Because the liberal indoctrination is most important to them.

Not only did they visit with the “president”, but they also presented him with his own jersey. Usually football players make a visit to the White House after the Super Bowl. But these two made it all about themselves.

This is another slap in the face to Americans from the liberal elite power couple. They just can’t keep their politics to themselves, with Swift holding voter drives at her concerts and Kelce being “Mr Pfizer”.

Kansas City team coordinator Joseph Barron is simply fed up with the Swift/Kelce craziness. It’s bad enough that Travis Kelce has knelt during the anthem, but he also pushes his beliefs to the team and the public. He may not be a Chief after the Super Bowl.

Most Kansas City fans are fed up with these two and this is not going to change their minds. Sandy Batt, who lives nearby in Lone Jack Missouri is disgusted with the crap from then. “I’m gonna have to tell people again I don’t watch football” even though she hasn’t missed a game.

Most NFL insiders believe that the extra $330 million that Swift has brought into the league just isn’t worth it. “We need to stand up for our values” it’s been said, even though their values are all about money anyway.

In any case, this is just the latest Un-American stunt by Swift and Kelce. And it needs to stop before more young people think it’s ok to do this!  God bless America.


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