Much has been made about Taylor Swift being at the Super Bowl. But nothing could prepare anyone for her actions afterwards. There had been several shots of her drinking at the Super Bowl. But nobody knew the extent to which she drinks. And it’s a lot folks. Taylor Swift can drink Nancy Pelosi under the table.

And that’s nothing to be proud of. Taylor Swift is supposed to be America’s sweetheart, a role model for girls all across America. And she’s anything but. She’s a liberal. A Democrat. A feminist. And now we learn, an alcoholic.

Sources say that Taylor Swift was so drunk, she had to be forcibly removed from the official Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Party. She was loud, belligerent and even attacked other players’ wives and Andy Reid himself. What a role model.

KC Cheifs celebrity liaison Joseph Barron spoke to us about the fracas Swift caused at the party. Even boyfriend Travis Kelce was taken aback by her behavior. Most of the Chiefs players can’t remember anything like what they saw from the billionaire pop star.

“Her foul mouth was really disgusting” said party attendee Sandy Batt. “The four letter words just flew out of her mouth with ease and she even knocked over the Lombardi trophy while dancing, doing a mock pole dance with the storied trophy.

Kansas City chiefs officials and higher ups are very concerned with her behavior but more so if this were to get out to the general public. They already weren’t happy with her showing up to games and making a spectacle of herself. “She takes away from the game and the Christian atmosphere we try to create here”.

Whatever the case is, Taylor Swift’s true colors are showing.  And it’s a problem because so many young women look up to her. Taylor needs an intervention, and so does Travis Kelce. This is a developing story.  God bless America.


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