It’s no secret that Taylor Swift got her big break thanks to Toby Keith. It’s been pretty well documented even though that Taylor Swift has never mentioned it much. As a matter of fact, she dropped Toby Keith like a bad habit when she switched from country music to pop.

She owes it all to Toby Keith, but she hasn’t acknowledged that in years. Even when battling cancer, Swift has stayed mum about her connection to Toby Keith and how she started her career in country music.

Now after the tragic passing of the country music legend, she finally broke her silence and what she said wasn’t very complimentary at all. Toby Keith’s publicist Sandy Batt was shocked and angry about Swift’s comment when it came to the passing of her one time mentor.

Taylor said that “what happened was ancient history, sure, he sent my tape out, but the rest was all me. He literally did nothing. So what. He died. end of story”. Wow. Just wow.

She really sounds like an entitled liberal millennial. These kids like her appreciate absolutely nothing, and not only has she turned her back on Americana, country music and the fans who made her famous, she turned her back on Toby Keith.

Most people would have inconsolable at the loss of not only a country music legend, but the man who brought her to the masses in the first place.  Instead, this liberal billionaire princess turned her nose up at him.

This isn’t surprising coming from someone like Taylor Swift who’s a northeastern liberal who never said  any of that. But you don’t know that. Toby was a legend. And God bless him for that.  God Bless America!


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