Taylor Swift’s football player boyfriend Travis Kelce is as terrible as she is. They’re both into liberal indoctrination but he is taking it a step further. He’s a kneeler. And he’s going to kneel for the anthem at the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Cheifs had kept his actions under wraps by keeping cameras off him and instructing teammates to not follow him.  But Kelce, Mr Pfizer, is planning on making it a spectacle anyway.

The team’s patriotic coordinator is angry but his hands are tied. “What can I do? He is  Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. Any reprimand of him would bring the wrath of Taylor, and we don’t need that kind of drama before the game” coordinator Joe Barron exclaimed.

When Taylor Swift is there, it’s like hell for some of the Cheifs staff, including some players. They say she’s demanding and mean and she’s encouraging Travis Kelce to kneel during the anthem.

“She’s just as unpatriotic as all get up” says Sandy Batt, a long time Chiefs fan. We’d love for them both to be off the team but they make the team a lot of money”. That sentiment has rung out all over Kansas City. Nobody. Likes. Them.

With Swift and Kelce running the locker room, even the team is unhappy. Tofu milkshakes.  Kale salads. Taylor’s music playing in the background and all flags taken down and put away. It’s jarring to see.

If the Kansas City Chiefs lose the Super Bowl, we’ll never have to see them again. If they win, God help us. What a terrible dilemma for patriotic football fans. Either the most liberal city in America or Taylor Swift. God Bless America.


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