ABC is reportedly going to announce its fall lineup later today, which will include a new, somewhat unfavorable spot for its struggling daytime show “The View.”

The show will move to the dreaded 7 AM slot, just after the news, as everyone walks out the door to go to work or gets their kids ready, and retirees have yet to start their day.

The move comes after months of feuding and lawsuits with Kyle Rittenhouse, who patriotic Americans see as a hero but the panel on the liberal show sees as a murderer.

The courts are currently said to be deciding who’s right and who’s wrong, though those reports may or may not actually be true.

What is true is that Kyle Rittenhouse destroyed the show, making sure enough people stopped watching that it tumbled in the ratings among conservatives from a full percentage point to nearly zero.

That’s the power of the boycott, patriots. When you remove something from your life, it costs a company. In this case, since nobody who removed The View actually watched it, the boycott was ten times more effective.

Liberals can’t wrap their heads around simple math, patriots, but we sure can. God bless America.


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