Just like former President Barack Obama before him, (and unlike former President Donald Trump below him), Joe Biden had been nominated for an extremely rare and humbling award – The Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel committee met last week in Antwerp, Switzerland, bringing together an assembly of the brightest and most humanitarian views, from the Pope, to comedian Kevin Hart, to Taylor Swift’s travelling nylon repairman Joe Barron.  All of them proceeded to talk, drink, drink some more, and then vote.

Nominated for this year’s Nobel Prize are Barack Obama, (again, and for absolutely no reason besides being cool), Joseph Biden for his historic economical progress, Hunter Biden, for his stunning artwork, and Paul Rudd for his heartwarming portrayal of Marvel’s Ant Man in the movie “Quantumania”.

It’s said by insiders that the elder Biden has a head-up on the prize, due to the result of having it piss off more Trunpers that way.

Anyway, here’s a quick review of the movie “Ghostbusters : Frozen Empire”.

Remember the original Ghostbusters?  The plot was : “there are naughty ghosts and we catch em”. That’s it.  Then there’s comedy and Bill Murray improving for an hour or so.  It was great.

Now there has to be more of a plot because Dan Akroyd won’t let it go.  So here’s Frozen Empire with tons of plots and subplots and like, thirteen Ghostbusters.  I mean it wasn’t bad.  It just wasn’t great.  It was okay.

Alright, later.


  1. Beatus ille, qui procul negotiis — Блажен тот, кто вдали от дел.

  2. Contumacia cumulat poenam — прав. Упорство усугубляет наказание.

  3. Ad usum populi — Для народного употребления.

  4. Ab imo pectore — С полной откровенностью.

  5. Charta non erubescit — Бумага не краснеет.

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