Donald Trump loves black people. A lot.  But they’ve been lied to by democrats for so long that he thought there was no way to get them to see he was the best option.  All that has changed.

When Trump released his sneakers, people took notice. People of color especially, who love and adore good footwear. Calling these “the next Jordans”, inner city folk saw that Trump was speaking directly to them.

Well, not really. This was a racist Fox News attempt to pretend that people of color are stupid and easily swayed by things like sneakers, which isn’t true, but the hilarious part was that white people were dazzled by these god awful ugly shoes.

But pretend for a moment that people of color were gonna run out and buy these and then forget about Trump and his cult demonizing the word “Woke” and doing everything they could to destroy black culture and telling us that equity and diversity were dangerous for America.

Also imagine that these same people had the gall to say that black people would drop strongly held beliefs that they mattered because a 77 year old rich white man with a history of racism dating back to the 70s dropped an ugly ass shoe line that was dedicated to him.

It’s almost as conservative America doesn’t believe it has to hide its racism anymore. Just put it on full display on national television and places like TwitterX with the antisemite Elon Musk coddling white supremacy and doxxing because it makes his super small penis feel better

Anyway, only stupid people are laying down $400 for shoes that are nothing more than cheap Chinese knock offs spray painted in gold that appeal to nobody but the trump cult. God bless America.


  1. Keith

    Yes. Thank you for taking the time to express this. We are in silly season where the various regressive factions in the country once again try to convince us that up is down, and Blacks love Trump. While the Democratic Party has its flaws and corporate bias, it is far more excepting of people from all backgrounds, races, and religions. The Republican Party has reduced itself to a group of nativist racists desperately clinging to what power they retain, while threatening the rest of us with Biblical law and retribution.

  2. Keith

    “Accepting” Need More Coffee!

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