Most states do not allow dine-in restaurants until we get through the emergency. This holds true for Illinois, and especially in Chicago. Well some people think it’s too much to ask, and one of those people is Michelle Obama.

Earlier, the former First Lady has gone into an establishment in Chicago with a few friends and demanded they be allowed seating. When they were told no, Mrs. Obama literally had a meltdown and threw a fit, and then when asked to leave, she threw her drink at the wait staff!

Joseph Barron, the head waiter at the Oriole, was the man Mrs. Obama threw the drink at.

“She walked in with four other women and demanded to be seated, and when she was told that we can’t do that yet, she started screaming hysterically with a crazed look in her eyes. She was really throwing a fit, cursing and yelling at us, and then whipped her drink glass at me. Luckily, I’ve got matrix-like moves and ducked before it smashed into a wall!”

This is not the first time Mrs. Obama demanded things her way, or else. But this is the most violent outburst that’s been reported. Mrs. Obama also has a good throwing arm, almost like a quarterback on a football team.

Most of America, especially good Christian conservatives understand why restaurants and other establishments can not offer certain things right now. They don’t protest or throw fits or threaten elected leaders.

Conservatives don’t do these things, unlike their goddess liberal counterparts who have been carrying guns at capitol buildings across the country. This is just another example of why Trump Voters are the best people ever! If only liberals like Michelle Obama were like conservative Trump supporters and listen to the scientists instead of the godless politicians and media! 


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