After 28 years, Fox is giving the axe to Neil Cavuto. The one valued conservative at Fox has apparently overstayed his welcome by his never Trump beliefs. This, however, was the last straw.

Ever since 2020, Fox News has been trying to repair its reputation with American patriots. But certain entities at the channel had been making that difficult. One of them is now being shown the door.

Neil Cavuto, one of the original Fox hosts has been bucking the message Fox is trying to get out there. Donald Trump is the only choice for America. And Cavuto refuses to get on board.

When Trump held a rally that Fox was televising, Cavuto cut in to correct him. Now, Trump was obviously lying like he normally does. But these were lies so easily debunked that Cavuto couldn’t let him get away with it. Obviously Neil Cavuto still believes in Fair and Balanced.

While most on the network will kiss the ring on the dirty unwashed hands of this fat ass monstrosity, Cavuto put facts first, which infuriate the uneducated trump cult to no end.

Truth has no place with the Trump faithful.  They’ve been on a campaign to get Cavuto removed for not being loyal to that fat pig.  TwitterX posts screaming about Cavuto, highlighted with spelling and grammar errors show you these people mean business and are proud to be ignorant.

What’s to come of all this?  Nothing. Fox has to protect itself from more lawsuits.  Cavuto is more than happy to speak truth to power. Which is weird because nobody at Fox ever does that. But here we are. God bless America.

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