Country music has always been music for the working class. It’s always been conservative, based in Christian values, and conservative. It’s always been Americana, for the people who celebrate America and its old fashioned values.

Now there is a push by liberals and Gen-Z to include diversity, equity and inclusion in country music. And it’s disgusting. They’re truly trying to destroy its rich history and culture. What’s happening is the liberals trying to take over what’s ours.

With the death of country music superstar and hero Toby Keith, we have to fight harder to keep our culture alive.  That’s why we embrace Jason Aldean’s “Try That In A Small Town”. Ain’t no liberals gonna come to real America in small towns and take over our music with this satanic garbage.   

“Country music has always been white folks music, Christian based and conservative at its core” says long time fan Joe Barron and his lady Sandy Batt. “We fell in love while slow dancing to a country song” they said, not mentioning it was at a family gathering and they’re first cousins.  Joe was there to console Sandy after her brother broke up with her for her younger sister.

While Beyoncé and Tyler Childress have been making moves to make country “inclusive”, they forget its roots. In back alley bars with drunk cowboys signing about how their horse left them because they caught them with a goat. And then the pick up trucks and then being married 5 times. Ahhh yes. Christian Americana.

Now real country artists with 48 writers and someone to make sure they have the right cowboy hat on sing songs about small towns and God and being rootin’ tootin’ cowboys when the closest they’ve ever come to being an actual cowboy was stopping to take a dump at an Arby’s in Amarillo. How times have changed. God bless country music and God Bless America!


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