When Biden announced the “International Transgendered Day Of Visibility”, on Easter Sunday of all days, it angered so many people. So many good, conservative Christians in America were rightfully outraged at announcing such an evil day, but to do it on the holiest day of the year was just too much. And they’re doing something about it.

Jason Aldean, Kid Rock and other country music superstars, who are all Christian conservative patriots are announcing the “Straight White Male Day Of Visibility” to counter this evil. It will be a huge concert with worship, guest speakers and of course, country music.  No Beyoncé here folks. No Bud light either.

For far too long, liberals have highlighted these transgender people, pretending the straight while male just doesn’t exist. So this will counter all of that. There will be displays of straight pride, ultra manly shows of force, the most toxic of all masculinity, wrestling, guns, sexy women, everything celebrating straight white males.

The guest speakers will include commentator Joey Mannarino, who has got his credentials in order by not brushing his teeth or sleeping with a woman. That’s how manly he is folks. Also Caitlyn Jenner will be there to celebrate straight men, no transgenders for her!  Kyle Rittenhouse is also rumored to be showing up as well!

White straight males have been forgotten for so long in America that we forget they even exist, except in government and business where it’s generally straight white men who literally screw everything up and everyone in our country.  It’s time to let them shine.

The best part will be the country music that will fill everyone with pride and joy because as we all know, country music is the true music of the straight white make when he’s plugging away at his sister and enjoying cold beer and nascar races and pro wrestling where well built men dance around in their underwear. Nothing gay about that folks.

It will be a day of celebration for being straight and proud. No amount of meth teeth or incest can ever change that.  This is our time. Grab your sibling by the hand, kiss, and celebrate what it means to be straight in the Midwest and southern America! God bless our beautiful country! God bless america!


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