Well, it looks like ersatz Trump judge Fanni Willis, a, no surprise here, Obama appointment, has finally been let go.  The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision this morning that Ms. Willis would not only be removed from the case, but be disbarred from practicing law completely.

The announcement comes as a stunning blow to those eager to see Mr. Trump pay for his crimes.  However, Ms. Willis had a past career of picking on the former President in public, and a present preoccupation with legal shenanigans designed to victimize him.

Since being caught with her genitalia in a leading attorney’s grasp, however, the tables have turned, and now she’s off the bench.  Have no fear, though, a new judge is being appointed as we sit.

That judge, Joseph Dredd, was chosen by committee from the Mega City One Justice Group to fill in Willis’s sizeable shoes, and had an amazing legal pedigree.  Just listen to these words :

“I am the law”. – Judge Dredd

Dredd comes highly recommended by the committee, and is a no-nonsense quick-judging man, who has proven to be more than capable of doling out harsh sentences, not limited to, but including, death.

“I stole a piece of candy from the Sebben Lebbin near da mall,” says little Sandy Batt, an urchin from midtown.  “Judge Dredd cut off both a my hands and told me I was scum.”

Sounds like harsh times are a comin’.


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