Walt Disney World in Orlando learned that just because it provides thousands of jobs and tourist revenue, it doesn’t get a free pass from the patriotic Americans of the state of Florida.

“We’ve never seen anything like it,” said guest relations specialist Joe Barron, “they just showed up by the thousands.”

The crowd came to Disney for one reason: To display their patriotism and let the company know that Americans aren’t going to take wokeness laying down. Event coordinator Tara Newhole says that while the bulk of the people came from The Villages, a well-known mature community in Central Florida, there are people from all across the state.

“From Key West to Tallahassee, they’re all here,” said Newhole, “and they’re not leaving until they’re heard.” Park officials had no choice but to acquiesce to their demands.

“We’re not really sure what they hoped to accomplish,” said Barron, “As soon as we saw them waiting at the gate we doubled the American flag count in the park and busted out all the patriotism we could find to sell them.”

Asked why they gave in so quickly, Barron said, “Gave in? My goodness school just started. The parks are ghost towns. 10,000 Boomers just showed up at $129 each and not one of them managed to get past Main Street without spending $38 on one of those little misting head fans and a churro. They can come back anytime.”

That’s how the 1st Amendment works, patriots. You pay for a ticket to a private park and say whatever you for as long as you want. Or until the park closes or they kick you out. God Bless America.

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