The trucker boycott of New York City is still underway. There are empty shelves in all the five boroughs of the city, and it will continue. The momentum is there to make people feel this.

Now, there is efforts to make it expand to all liberal cities. Trucking leaders are fed up with the blue politics and the denigration of our greatest president. And now the people who support this garbage are going to feel the pain.

Truckers from all over America are uniting to make a boycott happen to not deliver into cities that back liberal politics and constantly vote for these people. New York was only the beginning.  California, you’re up next!

These patriotic truckers are banding together.  Trucker Joe Barron and his life partner Sandy Batt drive truck. Not together, mind you, they’d kill each other. Nobody shares urine bottles in that relationship.  Nor meth. Or the occasional goat. But they’re not going to these liberal run cities either.  Even though they drive locally in Short Hairs, Kansas. Still. They have principles.

Most truckers can’t agree on anything except not showering, the cheapest truck stop hookers or who has the roller dogs that guarantee an emergency bathroom stop on the I-10 east of Shakytown.  But Trump they all agree on. Just ask super trucker and glory hole super stars Real Trucker Jake and Chicago Ray, who doesn’t live in Chicago but is a mainstay at the TA truckstop/ gay dive bar in Gary Indiana.

These truckers aren’t gonna bring your food or diapers or buttplugs to your favorite stores. They’re done. If you can’t treat Trump like a God, these tough guys will have a breakdown, crying to their favorite country song and creating more skid marks in their underwear than they do on the highway near a red light.

In any case, people in liberal cities better watch out. Nothing will actually happen but they’ll pretend it’s a rousing success, unlike when these “men” go to bed with the women who cheat on them while they’re on the road pretending to be social media heroes. God bless the truckers and GOD BLESS AMERICA!




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